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Hardee’s Business Hours: Maximize Your Mealtime Visits!

Hardee’s typically opens at 6:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM. These hours may vary by location.

Hardee’s has established itself as a go-to fast-food restaurant, serving a variety of breakfast items, signature burgers, and more. Originating in the southeastern United States, it has grown substantially, capturing the taste buds of fast food enthusiasts across the nation.

Its business hours cater to early birds craving a hearty breakfast as well as night owls looking for a late dinner. Conveniently, most Hardee’s outlets open their doors right for the early morning rush and stay open well into the evening, for those last-minute dining needs. Always check the specific hours of your local Hardee’s, as some locations may have extended or limited hours, especially on weekends and holidays.

Why Hardee’s Mealtime Matters

Planning your visit to Hardee’s can enhance your dining experience. Understanding peak hours is key. Typically, lunch rush hours fall between 12 PM and 2 PM. Breakfast time sees a busy crowd around 8 AM to 10 AM. For a more relaxed meal, consider visiting during off-peak hours.

Early mornings or late afternoons are your best bet. Going before 11 AM or after 3 PM could mean shorter lines. Your chances for quick service and a calm ambiance increase remarkably.

Hardee's Business Hours: Maximize Your Mealtime Visits!

Decoding Hardee’s Operating Hours

Hardee’s restaurants typically open early and close late. Standard hours run from early morning to late evening. Most Hardee’s locations operate from 6 AM to 10 PM on weekdays. Weekend hours may vary with some places extending to 11 PM.

Holiday schedules can change the usual business hours. For instance, Thanksgiving or Christmas might affect opening times. Some locations could close early or open later during these days. Local events can also lead to different operation hours. Customers should check with their local Hardee’s for the exact holiday timings.

Early Birds At Hardee’s

Early risers enjoy several benefits at Hardee’s. They experience fresh food and shorter queues. Bold flavors kick-start the day right. Early hours mean better service, too.

Kids and adults love a tasty breakfast. Sunny mornings are perfect for a Hardee’s meal. Weekdays offer a quick, peaceful start before school or work.

On weekends, Hardee’s welcomes laid-back brunch lovers. It’s family time with no rush. Yet, mornings are still less crowded than afternoons. Compare the ease:

Day Atmosphere Wait Time
Weekday Quiet, Fast Short
Weekend Relaxed, Joyful Moderate
Hardee's Business Hours: Maximize Your Mealtime Visits!

Lunch At Hardee’s: Timing Is Everything

Lunch at Hardee’s can be a delicious highlight of the day. To beat the noon rush, consider early or late lunchtime. From 11 AM to 1 PM, you’ll likely encounter crowds. Opt instead for the window before 11 AM or after 2 PM. Your experience will be more relaxed, and service, swift.

Special lunch deals are often available. These deals perfect for saving money and enjoying a hearty meal. To find the best times for these offers, regularly check Hardee’s website or sign-up for their newsletter. Bargain hunters should aim for off-peak hours to take full advantage of these specials.

Evening Eats: Hardee’s Dinner Hours

Understanding Hardee’s dinner hours is vital for evening outings. Typical closing times vary by location. Yet, most often range between 10 PM to 11 PM. Seeking lat-night bites? Some spots may serve customers up until midnight or later, especially on weekends. Visitors find dinner time more peaceful. There are fewer crowds and shorter lines. This makes for a smoother dining experience.

Special Events And Limited Hours

Hardee’s often changes its hours for local events. It’s smart to check before you go. Sometimes, the restaurant opens early or closes late. This happens during sports games or big festivals.

Each season, you might find Hardee’s offering special deals. These can lead to busier times and different hours. Be sure to find out about any seasonal promotions. They might affect when you can visit.

Event Type Hours Impact
Local Sports Events Possible Extended Hours
Festivals Varied Hours, Check Ahead
Seasonal Promotions Hours May Change, Stay Informed

24/7 Locations: Hardee’s For Night Owls

Hardee’s locations open 24/7 cater to late night cravings. Round-the-clock service means no matter the hour, a meal is ready. These night owl havens provide a full menu – burgers, fries, and more. Patrons find comfort in knowing their late-night hunger is covered.

Expect busy counters and the sizzle of the grill even in the wee hours. Service may vary, with some spots busier than others. Families, truck drivers, and party-goers frequent these joints. Mastery in fast, efficient service keeps customers satisfied.

Google Maps or Hardee’s site helps find these 24-hour locations. Just search for “Hardee’s near me.” Prepare to join a mix of diners, all finding solace in a warm meal at any hour.

Hardee's Business Hours: Maximize Your Mealtime Visits!

Maximizing Your Visit With Hardee’s App

Hardee’s app makes managing visits easy. Check Hardee’s business hours for the most precise times. The app shows all current deals for more savings. Enjoy delicious meals and save money!

Beat the lines with mobile ordering. Pick your food from the app. Choose the pickup time that works for you. Just grab and go when you arrive. The app makes it simple and quick!

Pro Tips For Enjoying Hardee’s Anytime

Taking advantage of off-peak hours can maximize enjoyment for group outings at Hardee’s. Planning visits during slower times means less waiting and more space for everybody. Friends and family can relax and engage more freely when the hustle is low.

Opting for downtimes opens up unique menu explorations. Patrons find more time to delve into different meals. Staff can also suggest options that you might not consider during the rush. Discovering new favorites is easier when there’s no pressure and plenty of time to enjoy.

Common Questions About Hardee’s Hours

Many people wonder is Hardee’s open late? Facts tell us that Hardee’s late night service varies by location. Some locations do offer extended hours, serving customers until midnight or even later. It’s best to check your local Hardee’s for their specific hours.

People also ask about time-sensitive menu items. Certain Hardee’s may stop serving breakfast at a particular time. Dinner options might become available after that. Each Hardee’s restaurant sets its schedule, so it varies.

Timings are subject to change on weekends or holidays. It’s a smart move to call ahead or check online. This ensures you get your favorite Hardee’s meal without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions For Hardee’s Business Hours

What Are Hardee’s Burgers Made Of?

Hardee’s burgers are crafted from 100% pure beef. They offer a range of toppings and fresh ingredients for customizing your burger experience.

Who Is The Owner Of Hardee’s?

CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. is the owner of the Hardee’s fast-food restaurant chain.

Is Hardee’s The Same As Carl’s Jr?

Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. are sister restaurants owned by CKE Restaurants, sharing similar menus and branding strategies. Despite different names, they function similarly.

Where Is Hardee’s Headquarters?

Hardee’s headquarters is located in Franklin, Tennessee, United States. The restaurant chain operates under parent company CKE Restaurants.


Understanding Hardee’s operating hours helps you plan your meals seamlessly. Whether it’s a quick breakfast stop or a late-night burger run, knowing when they open and close is key. Make note of their schedule, and never miss out on your favorite Hardee’s delights.

Remember to check for holiday variations!


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