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What Time Does Hardee’s Close?: Unveiling Hours Secrets

Hardee’s typically closes at 10 PM or 11 PM, depending on the location. For specific hours, check your local restaurant’s information.

Hardee’s is a popular American fast-food chain known for its charbroiled burgers, biscuits, and breakfast items. Founded in 1960, Hardee’s has established itself as a go-to spot for a quick, satisfying meal. With a menu featuring a variety of options including Angus beef burgers and hand-breaded chicken tenders, Hardee’s caters to a broad audience.

The chain is also famous for its Made From Scratch™ Biscuits, a breakfast staple that keeps customers returning. Regular operating hours are subject to change on holidays or special occasions, so it’s always a good idea to verify the times at your nearest location before making a visit.

What Time Does Hardee's Close?: Unveiling Hours Secrets

Exploring Hardee’s Popularity

Hardee’s is a top pick among fast-food lovers. Known for its thick burgers and tasty breakfast options, it’s a go-to spot for many. The charbroiled burgers are a massive draw. People love the hand-scooped ice cream shakes too. Not just burgers, their crispy fries and soft biscuits also get high praise. With wholesome flavor always in focus, they serve hearty, delicious meals.

What truly makes Hardee’s unique is their commitment to quality. They use 100% Angus beef in their famous Star burgers. Their Thickburgers satisfy even the largest appetites. For early risers, their Made from Scratch Biscuits™ offer a warm, buttery start to the day. Hardee’s has wide appeal for providing filling, satisfying meals that are prepared with care.

Hardee’s Operating Hours

Many Hardee’s restaurants open their doors at 6 AM. These locations serve busy customers early morning meals.

Monday – Friday 6 AM – 10 PM
Saturday – Sunday 6 AM – 11 PM

Each place may close at a different time. Urban spots might shut later than 10 PM. Onweekends, doors often close at 11 PM. Some Hardee’s have extended hours, especially in big cities. Check the local Hardee’s for exact closing times.

Early Birds And Night Owls

Are you an early riser or a night owl? Knowing Hardee’s hours helps plan your meals. Most Hardee’s locations offer breakfast from 6 AM. Breakfast lovers enjoy delicious biscuit sandwiches and hash rounds till 10:30 AM. But don’t worry if you sleep in, as their lunch and dinner menu follows right after.

Craving a burger at midnight? Certain outlets remain open 24 hours, serving the late-night menu. Other locations might close earlier, so check local store times. This way, you never miss out on charbroiled burgers or hand-breaded chicken tenders!

What Time Does Hardee's Close?: Unveiling Hours Secrets

Weekend Vs. Weekday Hours

Understanding Hardee’s operating hours is essential for planning your meals. On weekdays, they typically open early for breakfast. The weekend, however, sees Hardee’s starting later. This is great for late risers who crave a hearty breakfast. Remember to check your local Hardee’s for exact times, as they can vary by location.

Special weekend offers often attract more customers. Deals might include discounts on popular items or unique breakfast combos. These offers usually start in the morning and continue while supplies last. It’s best to arrive early so you won’t miss out on these exciting deals.

Day Opening Time Special Offers Start
Saturday 6 AM 8 AM
Sunday 7 AM 8 AM

Seasonal Variations In Service Hours

Hardee’s Restaurant hours can change during holidays. Expect changes like opening late or closing early. For exact times, contact your local Hardee’s.

During summer and winter, hours might shift. Daylight Saving Time can impact this. Usually, winter brings earlier closures. It’s always smart to check before you go.

Finding Your Local Hardee’s Hours

Discovering the closing hours of your nearby Hardee’s is straightforward. Utilize the official Hardee’s website for the most accurate information. The website features a convenient store locator where you can input your zip code. It displays Hardee’s locations nearby and the hours of operation for each.

Mobile apps offer another method to stay informed about Hardee’s hours. Download the Hardee’s app on your smartphone. The app provides real-time updates on restaurant hours. It alerts you to any changes in operation times. This ensures you never miss a chance to enjoy a meal at Hardee’s.

Unexpected Closure Circumstances

Hardee’s hours of operation can be affected by severe weather conditions. Inclement weather, such as heavy snow, hurricanes, or floods, might lead to earlier closures or even full-day shutdowns without much notice. Patrons should check local updates during extreme weather events.

Emergency situations, such as power outages or unforeseen maintenance issues, can also impact Hardee’s business hours. These events are often rare but can lead to sudden changes in the schedule. Guests are advised to verify the restaurant’s status through the official Hardee’s website or customer service line before planning their visit.

Maximizing Your Hardee’s Experience

Curious about the best times to visit Hardee’s? Aim for off-peak hours to score great deals. Usually, mornings during weekdays see fewer crowds, meaning quicker service and fresh food. Dinners and weekends often get busy, so plan accordingly. Late-night cravings? Check local listings as closing times can vary, but many locations shut around 10 PM or 11 PM.

Want to save money? Visiting during non-busy hours can offer more than just a calm dining experience. Often, you’ll find exclusive offers and discounts during these times. Keep an eye on Hardee’s specials and combo deals just after breakfast rush or before the dinner crowd starts.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Time Does Hardee’s Close

Is Hardee’s The Same As Carl’s Jr?

Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. are two different brands under the same parent company, CKE Restaurants. They share similar menus and branding but operate in distinct geographical regions.

How Many Hardee’s Are There In The World?

As of 2023, there are over 3,800 Hardee’s restaurants operating worldwide. These locations span across the United States and in several international markets.

Why Is Hardee’s Closing Locations?

Hardee’s is closing locations due to various factors including underperformance, changing consumer preferences, and strategic brand repositioning.

Does Hardee’s Make Biscuits All Day?

Yes, Hardee’s serves freshly baked biscuits throughout their entire breakfast hours. Breakfast hours may vary by location.


Understanding Hardee’s operating hours can save valuable time and avoid any inconvenience. Each location may differ, so checking local listings or their official site is always best. Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, plan your next visit for a delicious meal without the worry of arriving too late!


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